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WTS: Special Weapons MP5K Clone - SBR

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This started life as a Special Weapons K Pistol which I purchased from Mr. DJ Getz back I think in early 2013. When I got it from him he was kind enough to go through it first and make sure everything was in good shape and ready to go and in spec and working. I SBR'd it on a Form 1 and had it engraved on the upper right rear of the receiver, by Orion Engraving; they did a nice job. I put a Choate K stock on it. The gun has an ambi trigger housing and pack. The housing, pack, stock, bolt, are all US made to my knowledge, I do not recall on the carrier. I have put about 200 rounds through this gun and it has worked perfectly. I don't shoot it much and don't personally care for the shorter length so its time to let it go. Its in just excellent condition overall. The picture is one I took, there are no filters used on it. Shoot me a message with any questions.

The gun is in MN on a Form 4. PRICE ON IT IS REDUCED TP $1250 SHIPPED AND I WILL PAY FOR THE FIRST STAMP TO MY SOT IF YOU ARE OUT OF STATE. If in state I think it can go Form 4 direct to you, if that's the case, I will pay half the stamp and you pay the other. Thanks!

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You can see by my "paint" eraser marks where the engraving is.
Yes it is still available.
Bump - PRICE REDUCTION TO $1250.00
Bump - i am looking for a new or vg condition beretta m9 or standard 92fs as well - if anyone has one as a partial trade.
Bump and reduced to $1175.00.
Still for sale, cheapest one you will find, and transfer times should be improving!
This is still available for sale.

I would be interested in a trade involving an MP5/40 clone or a Sig MPX pistol, if that does anything for anyone.
1 - 9 of 13 Posts
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