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WTS: **SpF**SPF**

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Two high quality TT Gunleather holsters for HK p2000sk. First is a high ride pancake, second is a slim IWB. Both in excellent condition. New cost is $200+. Will sell for $130 shipped. Would also consider trade for HK p30 mags. Website for TT: TT GunLeather High Quality Leather Gun Holsters

If interested, contact me via email: prairiefiremd at yahoo dot com.
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What size are the belt loops on the high ride pancake holster? Thanks.
High ride pancake holster has 1.5" loops, 2" loops on the IWB.
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Crap, I forgot to put the price - corrected now. Thank you.
Thanks! That pancake holster looks sweet!

Please check your e-mail.
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