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WTS: SW5 MP5k Clone

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Sup ladies and gents? I have an SW5 MP5k clone for sale. This is one of the thicker, cast steel receiver clones that is built like a tank. Everything has been sured up and checked, and it is 100% good to go.

This comes with the firearms and two MKE magazines. The mags are a little tight in the magwell, but the fit and movement of steel MP5 mags is fantastic.

I am the second owner. The first put around 200-300 rounds through it and I have put 380 through it exactly. The bore and the rest of the weapon is well taken care of.

There is wear around the end of the barrel (minor) and the semi shelf (some paint).

I am looking for $1200 shipped. I am a little bit flexible on the price.

Pics can be found here: