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HKParts | Heckler & Koch Genuine Parts - HKPARTS.NET

WTS:Tactical Handguard For HK MP5 - US Made: $89.95
HK MP5 Tactical Handguard - HKPARTS.NET

This handguards easily lock into place with a provided screw and is the most rock solid forend available. Fully adjustable and built of hight strength aircraft grade aluminim. Made 100% in the USA from a proven design on te HK91,93 family of rifles. Tightest fit of all Heckler & Koch MP5 handguards.

Accepts picatinny rails on both left and right sides as well as the bottom that can be added and taken off at will. This unit unlike any other offering can be customized to your exact mission requiremnents. Picatinny tactical rails come in 2,3,4,6 inch lengths.
•HK 94
•MKE 94P
•Dakota Tactical D54P
•Cohaire 94

Other MP5,94 clones

As an added bonus this itme qualifies as a 922R US made part.

HKParts | Heckler & Koch Genuine Parts - HKPARTS.NET
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