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[WTS][TX] USP Compact 9mm v7

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I finally found a (reasonably priced) USP Compact in 9mm, but after it was shipped and picked up, I found it was a V7 (I wanted a v1). There were delays in the shipping and pickup, so I can't remember if the listing indicated such, but I'm taking responsibility anyway. My problem, my loss.

But I figured with the popularity of no-safety-lever Light LEM, I would throw this up for someone to convert while I look into converting back to a v1.
Again, I'm 90% sure this is a V7, not a "heavy" LEM (after racking the slide, the pull doesn't feel any lighter)

Bought used. Seems like a PD trade-in as there's some very small slide/holster draw wear on the right side, but no barrel hood wear. One magazine (13rd).

AA Date code, so 2000. Pretty good condition considering it's age imo.

$680 FIRM (otherwise I would take the money and just convert myself instead of taking a loss on sale); I'll eat shipping costs.

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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