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WTS: Unicorn MP5k / SP89 Case

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Have an extra one of these I've decided to sell, raising some funds.

This is a little known case for the MP5K / SP89 that I first posted about a few months ago. I was lucky enough to pick these up in new condition, other than the disintegrating egg crate foam in the upper lid. The cases are just like the later P9S Sport Group III cases, except a bit longer. And the cutouts are for the pistol with 15 round mag, and one extra mag. Fits an SP89 perfectly, and an MP5k PDW except for the rear sight drum and PDW barrel... but that can easily be changed with a sharp knife and a little patience.

$650 plus shipping, with payment by PayPal, Postal Money Order, or check from known members.
First I'll take it gets it.