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Need Money for HKprofest ASAP, so something has got to go.

Up is my Hk USP Tactical .40SW that has 40 rnds exactly down the pipe with the eagle case and all of the proper items that come with it. it has a Jet funnel installed

I will be in Las Vegas to get the gun out of storage today and will be in town till wed's if any one would like to do a FTF transfer.

Otherwise only payment accepted is Discrete paypal or wellsfargo surepay transfer
I will ship the weapon via USPS to your dealer. once you forward me a copy of their FFL, YOUR DEALER MUST BE OK ACCEPTING FROM A PRIVATE PARTY! I will throw a copy of my DL in the Box, other wise its an extra 50$ to ship and transfer from my guy.

any questions please ask , first ill take it gets it THANKS!!

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