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Not interested in trades. Shipping is extra. Will send to your FFL only. If you are in Austin, TX area I will sell face to face if you have a CHL/LTC.

I will negotiate via PM. You're welcome to call dibs here, but you need to PM me as well. Deference given to folks who want gun and lots of extras over just the gun.

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HK USP Fullsize .45 Stainless - Sold

HK USP Fullsize .45 Black
- Factory Installed Light LEM/Match Trigger/Variant 9
- Meprolight Night Sights
- Used. Maintained well and in excellent condition.
- 2 10rd, 2 12rd mags
Index of /~drno/forsale/USP45F-Blk

40's & 9mm : 40s 9mm.jpg

HK USP Fullsize .40 Black frame
- Light LEM trigger, Variant 9
- Match trigger
- Jetfunnel
- Night sights
- 2 16rd mags

HK USP Fullsize .40 Tan frame Race Gun!
- Grey Guns single action only trigger job (3#) w/match trigger
- Grey Guns modified to take STI magazines
- 6 STI 140mm magazines. With basepads (not included) will hold 20+ rounds per mag
- Jet funnel
- Custom Dawnson Fiber front / black rear sights
- dropped and offset blade-tech holster
- Used as USPSA Limited competition gun. Maintained according to factory schedule.

40 mags:
- (2) 10 round - $25/ea
- (6) 13 round - $25/ea
- (10) 16 round - $45/ea
- 2 blade tech single magazine holsters for 40 mags w/teklock. Used on a duty belt. $20/ea

HK USP Fullsize 9mm Black - SOLD
- Novak fiber front plain black rear
- stock trigger
- 1 15rd magazine. (40 mags will also work in this)

[Holsters go in a different section. Moderator.]

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Do you still have a Jet Funnel kit for sale? And what size of mags do the USP45s have, 10 or 12? Thanks.

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I will take the Jet Funnel kit for 9mm/40 cal. Will do PayPal, MO, whatever you prefer. If one was to buy one of the USP45's would you include 12 round mags with the gun?
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