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WTS Various Parts 91, 93, P2 A1

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For sale are multiple parts and more will be added. All parts are USPS Priority Mail shipped cost to CONUS and are via PayPal gifted (or total +3% for non-gifted). I am not interested in trades. First "I will take it" gets it.

Used HK 94 Barrel, great condition, strong rifling, pulled by TSC. $200 ***SOLD to wcbrowning***

Used Ambi MP5 trigger group. $250 ***sold to Mr.Maim***

HK91 A3 Stock, classic blue-gray in great shape. $250 Shipped. ***SOLD to JPB***

HK93 A2 Stock, classic blue-gray finish, date code "2IC." $195 Shipped ***SOLD to dbj2003***

HK Flare / Signal Pistol P2 A1. $150 Shipped. ***Sold to AK***

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Bump with additional parts.
Hk91 A3 stock blue/grey-I'll take it!
Trying to send a confirmation PM but am having a hard time figuring out this "Enhanced Mode" on my phone! I am a committed buyer for that HK 91 A3 stock.
Thank you JPB, no rush on PM.
I'll take the 93a2 stock pm inbound
Okay, thanks. I'm traveling for work and only have a lame ass iphone! I'll reach out via PM tomorrow. I need that stock!
Positive feedback provided to all, thank you and enjoy your Thanksgiving!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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