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I have not posted on here in a long time, but I browse this forum pretty much every day.

I bought this tp9 a few months back thinking I was going to form 1 and sbr it, but now I just don't feel like waiting and id rather have a rifle or something more practical for my car or EDC. I don't really know what I want haha.

interested in HK and IWI for the most part but anything will be considered.

Comes with the pistol, 1-15 round mag (flush fit) 1-30 round mag, the folding stock (not installed, it was $180 bought separately from hk parts) and original plastic case.

asking $1450 or something interesting in a trade.

I warn you I can be easily tempted haha.

preferred payment is paypal. but will take money orders and cashiers checks, however I will not send the pistol until funds are confirmed.

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