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I just ordered a Jet Funnel Kit for my USPfs9 so now I have 10 factory HK Mags with both the flat & extended floorplates (EDIT: I now have 7 mags remaining). I would like to work out a trade for some of the 18 round 9mm Jet Funnel mags. Each mag was loaded with 10 rounds and fired to test function and placed into the safe. I've only put 100 rounds down the gun. The extended floorplates were marked with a silver sharpie dot to keep track of the mags (disregard the rail adapter in the pic). I took a pic of the floorplates with the silver dot as an example of how I marked them.

EDIT: I traded 3 mags so I have 7 mags with extended / flat baseplates I would look to outright sell for $200 total shipped. That's a nice savings if someone would like to purchase all 7 mags with extended / flat baseplates.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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