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OK, ive decided that i want a Robinson Armament XCR 5.56 w/ sights. Since i just recently bought this PTR i need to do a trade instead of spending more cash so im offering the following

1. JLD PTR 91F (new in box) 308 cal, 18 in bbl, flash hider, great gun
10 HK mags
HK extra stock & FA (green)
extra flash hider
2. Hungarian AMD 65 AK47, (new in box) DCI recvr, polished bolt
3 mags

will trade BOTH for a RA XCR in 5.56 w/ sights. i know im going in the hole but irregardless i will trade BOTH guns for the XCR and ill pay shipping to your FFL !
If one of those guns dont appeal to you, i have a cpl more that we could work out in the deal to keep both parties happy (Benelli M1 S90 Tactical w/ extras, Yugo AK47 (underfolder) maybe something else too... email me at [email protected] with what you have and terms. I have good reps on all the sites and have all the pics you'd ever neeed to see of the guns listed so email with confidence..thanks
tom in tn
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