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WTT Commercial HkP7 for HK Mark23

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I love P7's and this is the prettiest one I've ever had, but for some reason I got the Mark 23 itch something fierce and so I'll let this go and hopefully buy a Police-issue P7 later without being gouged.
This is a Commercial P7 from Arlington, VA. and not a German PD version.

It's been hard-chromed by Apgowan with brushed flats and matte rounds and brand new tritium night sights.
It comes with TWO mags also hard-chromed, along with cleaning tools and a brand new pair of walnut grips from Grip4U.

I know the pic shows three mags, but there's only two.

I don't have the original box or handbook, sorry.

This is for a straight-out trade, I figure with the extra cost of the grips, tools, hard-chroming and night sights that I placed on this pistol after I bought it, the amount I spent including the P7 is about equal the price of a used Mark 23.

Let me know if there's any interest.....I won't be selling this nor do I want any other trades other than a Mk23, and I already have an HK USP Tactical by the way.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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