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I know this is probably a bit of a long-shot, but I am looking to trade my new, never installed 14.5" Geissele SMR in DDC for an older version of the same, this is what I have:

Again, the rail has never been installed on a rifle -- this is also one of the newest revisions, and it features seven (7) cooling holes on the top row, forward of the QD swivel mounting point, six equally sized oval holes, and one shorter hole, just in front of the QD point.

What I am looking for is an older version of this exact same rail, same length, same color, but with eight (8) equally sized cooling holes on the top row, like this one:

I would like to trade my new, never mounted, more recent revision, seven hole rail for someone else's old, used, eight hole rail. I know that it is most likely to be used, and for the most part, I am not concerned about cosmetic condition as long as it is DDC and non-permanently painted (I can strip paints like Krylon or Rustoleum, not so much Duracoat or Cerakote). It can be blemmed, dinged, whatever.

My rail comes with three rail sections that match the rail fairly well--these can come with the rail if you have rail sections to trade, or I can just swap rails, whatever you have and you want, I'll trade you for.

Best part--I will pay your shipping. You will be $0 out of pocket, and get a brand new rail for your old used rail--I just want to find one with eight holes.

Please let me know what you've got!

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