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I am l looking for a

Cetme handgaurd screw

G3 /Cetme US Made Flash hider.

mag release contact Pc.

Cetme Barrel In Trunnion

Cetme wood Stock with recoil rod aassembly

hand guard with screw

Or Cetme recoil spring guide with tip ( I have the G3 version to trade)

Cetme Bolt head

Plastic US made lower complete.


What I have for Trade are

US G3 Muzzle break

Turbo This Cetme metal Lower (will work on a G3 as well) Comes with US made grip and US made FCG I beleve it replaces 5 US parts if the Cage is counted.

Green HK stock assembly

Black HK charging handle.

Cetme Charging handle

Cetme Paddle with bushing

HK G3 rear sight assembly

HK G3 or 90 series front sight triple frame with site.

G3 Blank Firing adaptor

HK or Cetme Green and Black grips.

a couple of Choate PDW folding stock buffers

a couple of 90s series hammers

Green JLD US grip

HK collapsable stock small parts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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