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Hey Guys, I've searched the threads and can't quite get the exact answer I need.

I have a SL8, and I was able to get a S-1-2-F Trigger group, The first hammer drop works fine, and when the bolt cycles it cannot trip again. Is there a different bolt head needed to release the hammer to the fire position? I'm assuming I need to find a G36 Bolt Head.... Any idea as to where I can visa one of these up from?

Cheers & Thanks!

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Are you trying to run it in select-fire (full-auto or burst)? If so, there are several factors in an SL8 (even with a select-fire trigger group) that will prevent this. The receiver and bolt-carrier are mfg in a manner as not to allow for select-fire operation. The differences in the SL8 and G36 bolt-head itself are merely differences to allow operation with single or double stacked mags.

I have the 4-position group on mine with the "slide" and "actuator" removed (rendering the trigger group uncapable of select-fire operation) and it cycles in semi-auto just fine in any of the three firing positions. I've since then replaced all the trigger group internals with the SL8 internals (which is the recommended path for possible legal ramifications as well as the SL8 internals give you a lighter trigger pull). But I have operated it with the 4-position internals (less the two parts mentioned above) and it operates just fine.

Hope that helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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