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Zenith or Omega

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I'm wanting to acquire an MP-5 clone, and have narrowed my search to the offerings from Zenith and Omega. I'm at a point where I'd like to hear some comparisons/contrasts from people that either own, or have handled both. I've seen and handled plenty of Zeniths out in the world, but have never eyeballed/handled an Omega.

I appreciate your insights.

Mike Smith
Alpharetta, GA
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If you go nfa, the omega** will have 922r already.
I'm pretty sure the current Omega stuff from Atlantic is 922r compliant too.
Zenith is MKE which is a Licensed manufacturer. All Zenith MKEs that I know of run great. Omega may help in regards to 922r if you are going to stamp it. However, MKE can be made 922r compliant as well. MKEs may also dry up due to the recent coupe in Turkey. Perhaps that gives them added value at some point.
Zenith.. for the win
@ghilliebear, what are your thoughts of the Brethren Arms MP5K?
Another vote for MKE here. For me, it's arsenal made or nothing.
Both pistols are great personally I like the Zenith line but the Omega offers a turn key option for those who want to SBR or a NFA Sear host. It is great to see all of the Options that we have now to feed our roller lock addiction. With other solid suppliers like Breathrean coming out with exciting offerings 2017 should be a good year !
@ghilliebear, what are your thoughts of the Brethren Arms MP5K?
Out of the choices I would still go with Zenith or us.. lol
Give me a PM if interested
I've held first hand several examples of both Zenith and Omega. For me the quality goes to Omega. Huge bonus is the fact since the Omega was built here in the US it is not neutered with any of the anti-FA measures found on the Zenith. With Omega you drop in a sear pack and ready to rock. On the Zenith it's arguable that once you disable the FA measures to use with a sear pack you have actually created a MG out of the receiver.
+1 for Jeff, he has fixed one clone for me and built me a mp5k that ran 100%.
recently i purchased a omega mp5sd from atlantic. it functioned flawlessly right out of the box and the fit and finish was as good as anything i have owned hk. i did have a concern that the make and model stamping was a little deep and i saw on a forum thread where they are addressing that small thing. i have not owned a zenith but i do own a reverse stretch pof and the finish on it was terrible but everything else about the weapon was nice.
Zenith is definitely good to go. Their customer service is also absolutely top-notch.
Not sure about Omega, but Zenith's build quality and CS is second to none. If you want to go with a clone built from a parts kit, go with Ghilliebear.
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