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Zenith Z43 cocking handle vs standard HK33/93 - 922r compatibility issues

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I decided to take my Saturday afternoon to install some 922r parts and ran into a significant problem.

I bought this US HK93 pattern extended cocking handle as a way to help make my Z43P 922r compliant when my form 1 comes back. I haven't found any other information online about installing these as a 922r part so I guess I am the guinea pig on this one. The one above/ on the left is the US HK33 handle, while the other one is the factory MKE one.

Anyway, I installed the new charging handle to see if it would work despite the different geometry but it would not fully close. I'm not sure exactly why but I did not force it.

In addition to the cocking handle being designed differently, the cocking tube support also looks pretty different from standard. This makes me think that if I were to get an actual HK33 cocking tube support that this would work correctly. However I dont know enough about how these things work to want to spend $100 on a guess.

Does anyone have any insight or have any experience with this? I would love to not have to swap out my bolt carrier for a US made part just to be able to use a A3 stock.

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I tried what the OP is doing a while back when my Form 1 came back. No dice. The Z43-P's cocking tube is nonstandard and the HK33 pattern cocking tube support will not fully seat. I wish I would have taken a side by side picture of them when I had them out of the gun, but the Z43-P's cocking tube was very different from the standard HK33 pattern tube. It lacked a spring retention channel and the end had a large recessed section in it that is designed to clear a tab that is installed inside the Z43-P's cocking tube.

From what I could tell the Z43-P's cocking handle latches onto this tab inside the cocking tube, hence why it has that little tooth on the back of it.

Edit: Also OP it is my understanding that the RCM carrier that fits the 93/33 is a full auto carrier, so it won't fit into the Zenith receiver without milling out either the carrier or the receiver block.
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