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Zenith Z5P Left Cocking Tube

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I am looking for a builder to put the left hand cocking tube on my zenith z5p. I just heard back from parabellum combat and was told he does not work on the zenith and was under the impression from previous conversations that they could. So now I am looking for a new builder that can do this for me or at least some help to do it myself. Would hate to have to sell this gun as my wife has already stolen my CZ Scorpion Evo.
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Don't listen to the haters, left hand charging handle is sweet. The link below was built for me.

Yes, us lefties have operated RH firearms for centuries and done very well, but it's nice to have something built for us every now and then. For you RH haters that say it does not matter, come shoot my LH M16 with suppressor and then tell me it doesn't matter.
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