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It used to be that Mark at L&M was everybody's top pick for USP milling done right. He was also going to be my go-to for a Steyr L9/507k project, but now that he's retiring/retired, he isn't an option.

I've found ZR Tactical's website when looking for RMR-footprint slide milling options for my USPc9, as I'd like to put a 508T on it. Has anybody here used them? Did they mill down into anything important on your 9mm, like the firing pin block? For $150, it'd be a great value. But these are nice pistols, and I'm already nervous of having permanent alterations done to handguns anyway.

On that note, has anybody found a universal RMR-footprint cover plate? It isn't generally needed, I know, but sometimes optics come off one gun and move to others.

Looking for others that have had their USP or USP compact (9's mostly) milled by somebody other than Mark at L&M.
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